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A commonly used Prinastic symbol.

Prinast (listen) is a monotheistic, Pripascian religion which originated in the Arid Peninsular during the mid-6th century Current Era, based on the teachings of the holy book, the Rona, which followers believe to be the irrefutable word of God, and the exemplar of the Prophet Kareem (502 - 577 CE), known to Prinastics as the last true messenger of God. Prinast expanded into a global religion in the 7th Century, partially as a result of Prinastic military conquests in Pripascia and Kandron.

In Prinast, God is omnipotent and completely singular, and the Prophet Kareem is the last in a line of true prophets stretching back thousands of years. Prinastics follow the Five Tenets of the Rona, which are required practices and prayers to appease God. Often, Prinastics also follow Alim (also known as Prinastic Law), which provides guidance on subjects as varied as education, politics, and family life.

OOC Note: Prinast is the Civitas equivalent of Islam. It is almost identical to Islam, and exists to allow for Islam-centered roleplay with real IC backing. However, please don't assume that everything that goes for Islam goes for Prinast as well. The religions are almost identical in ideology and background, but the modern global conditions that surround them may be very different.

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The Rona is the central sacred text of Prinast, written about 25 years after the death of Kareem. It contains the teachings proliferated by Kareem throughout his lifetime, revealed to him by the Archangel and passed on down to his close followers and apprentices, and is considered to be the literal word of God. It is considered Kareem's greatest accomplishment and the proof of his prophet-hood. Prinastics consider the Rona to be the last and most important in a series of holy books, including the Prophetic and Naptian books.

The Rona includes the Five Tenets of the Rona, which were central to Kareem's teachings. These Tenets form the basis for the practice of Prinast.

Five Tenets Edit

The Five Tenets of the Rona are as follows:

  1. There is no deity but God.
  2. The Prinastic must pray to God five times daily, during morning, mid-morning, noon, afternoon, and evening.
  3. The Prinastic must give to the poor and needy.
  4. During the month of Rasam (5th August - 3rd September), the Prinastic will fast, resist worldly urges, and pray regularly.
  5. A least once during their lifetime, the Prinastic must complete a pilgrimage to the Holy Basia.

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Quick Conversion Guide Edit

  • Islam - Prinast
  • Islamic - Prinastic
  • Muslim - Prinastic (or Prinast)
  • Prophet Muhammad - Prophet Kareem
  • Quaran - Rona
  • Five Pillars of Islam - Five Tenets of the Rona
  • Sharia (Islamic Law) - Alim (Prinastic Law)
  • Origin: Middle East - Origin: Arid Peninsular
  • Ramadan - Rasam
  • Mecca - Basia